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Blackout Curtains | Lake Forest Blinds & Shades

Blackout Curtains

Customer Issue: Mr. Willis’ eyes are very sensitive to light, and he wanted to have window coverings installed throughout his home that would allow him to keep out sunlight as needed. 
Our Solution: Blackout curtains immediately stood out as the best fit to solve Mr. Willis’ problem, as they were a reliable way to keep out all light from outside completely and better protect his eyes. The rooms in his home also lent themselves beautifully to the style, as they were large enough to let the curtains have space, rather than look cramped. 

Darrin Willis - Lake Forest
Vertical Blinds Next To Lake Forest CA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: The Shippers’ guesthouse unit had a long window curving along two of its walls. They needed some intricate vertical blinds to cover the whole space.
Our Solution: The curving window frame called for maximum flexibility, so we measured out some rubber slats and matched them with compound rollers. Laying and aligning the tracks along the curve took careful work, but there’s no arguing with the results. The dynamic, corner-turning vertical blinds are a memorable and distinctive part of Mr. Shipper’s guesthouse.

Norman Shipper - Lake Forest
Blackout Blinds Nearby Mission Viejo CA

Blackout Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Strickland’s daughter is a light sleeper who has trouble sleeping with all of the streetlights and passing car lights coming in through her window.
Our Solution: Blackout blinds have the properties that Mrs. Strickland wanted for her daughter’s room. They can keep out all light from outside completely, allowing her daughter to get some rest without trouble. They’re also easy to use and simple in style to match her daughter’s room as well. We suggested a deep blue color to best complement the area.

Annie Strickland - Mission Viejo
Blinds For Sliding Doors Near Rancho Santa Margarita CA

Blinds For Sliding Doors

Customer Issue: The customer was looking for blinds that would help keep out the sun as needed for her sliding doors so her home wouldn’t get as warm.
Our Solution: Our experts had the perfect solution for the customer with our blinds particularly suited for sliding doors. Once measurements were taken, the new white blinds were custom made these specifications so that they would perfectly cover the doors. They were then installed for the customer right away.

Betsy Poole - Rancho Santa Margarita
Vinyl Blinds Close-by Mission Viejo CA

Vinyl Blinds

Customer Issue: The media room needed blinds that will keep the outside streetlights from shinning into the room after dark.
Our Solution: Our team installed moisture and chipping resistant 2” vinyl blinds in high gloss lead-free orange, to match the digital and electronic equipment in the room. To improve the light control, double vinyl headrails with light blocking lip and matching cloth slats to cover the holes were included.

Logan Chen - Mission Viejo
Motorized Shades Nearby Lake Forest CA

Motorized Shades

Customer Issue: The customer was looking for easier to operate shades.
Our Solution: Our customer wanted shades that could be lined up and look lovely without having to fuss with manual strings so motorized shades were suggested. This way she could far more easily set them all to the same height, including any windows that were high up.

Tami Frank - Lake Forest
Roller Shades Close To Foothill Ranch CA

Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Ms. Davidson needed straightforward shades for each room in her home.
Our Solution: Since this customer wanted shades that would quietly complement the various rooms in her home, our professionals suggested roller shades. This way, the cloth could be customized in terms of color and pattern according to the room it was going in.

Ashley Davidson - Foothill Ranch
Wood Blinds Next To Lake Forest CA

Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: This customer wanted blinds to match her wooden desk in her office.
Our Solution: Using our free color sampling, our experts helped this customer compare multiple shades of natural wood staining to find the perfect match to the furniture she already had in the room. The wood easily complemented the area without drawing too much attention.

Judith Flores - Lake Forest
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Beautiful Selection

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5-Year Warranty

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