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Motorized Shades

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Shades make for an excellent addition to any window, east-facing or not. That's a fact. But apart from providing UV protection and glare reduction, these coverings can also add decor and elegance to the room. There are various hand-drawn methods to choose from. Because automation became very popular lately, many home and business owners are doing away with manual operation. What does that mean? Motorized shades!

Sleek and Modern Ingenuity

That's right. Instead of pulling the cord or twisting a wand to adjust or move the shades, all you need to do is push a button. In fact, even that's considered old school. Nowadays, with brands like Somfy and Lutron that provide various types of motors and control systems, you can even operate your motorized shades with your smartphone. That's not all. You can also have a light sensor installed. Either that or a timer. These can control and adjust the position of the shades according to outside sunlight and the time of day.

Motorized Roller Shades

These make for a very popular choice. These shades are made out of cloth and unroll like a scroll to close and cover up the window. They’re simple, which assures they tend not to have any issues. The fabric makes customizability very easy. If you want blackout shades for a nursery or a living room, or patterns to match the rest of the room, motorized roller shades make for an excellent choice. The motor means that all you need is a remote to take care of opening them as much or as little as you need. Because motorized shades don't require strings, which get tangled and look unsightly.

Protect Your Furniture & Belongings

Wondering how shades can do that much for your household? You’d be surprised! Burglars find themselves attracted to empty houses. However, with motorized shades opening and closing automatically at certain points during the day it’ll always look like you’re at home, even if you're not! The timers are also great for helping to protect things like paint, books, and even furniture from sun bleaching. Being exposed directly to the harsh sunlight for hours at a time every day can cause the color to fade and damage certain types of material. That's easily avoidable with motorized shades.

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The options available to you are extensive. From hardwired electric blinds connected directly to your main powerline to solar-powered motorized shades that utilize the energy from the very sunlight they're blocking out. Have an LA-based automatic window treatment expert sit down with you at your home or office and help you choose the best motor, control, and shade type for your windows. Use the online system on this website to book a free consultation appointment.


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