Zebra Blinds

July 6, 2016
Zebra Blinds

The role of window treatments has always been dual in nature. They’re put up to regulate the light coming in and to block it entirely if need be. Their importance cannot be stressed enough because without them your skin, your furniture and even your interior finish will receive the full brunt of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A Zebra to Cover Your Windows

It doesn’t matter what room or space you’re trying to protect or you’re trying to regulate light for, because we at Lake Forest Blinds & Shades have a wide selection of horizontal window blinds that you can choose from. The most avant-garde of these are zebra blinds. These are essentially dual roller blinds that have alternating colored window vanes. The most iconic color combination of which is the black and white combo that’s representative of the color combination of their eponymous animal. Other color combinations of dark and light colors are also available. When the dark vanes are adjusted in such a manner that they are aligned, they can block out the light completely thus serving their purpose as effective darkening blinds.

Not sure the colors are going to match? No problem!

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