July 19, 2016

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Take advantage of everything our FAQ page dedicated to window blinds and shades has to offer! Learn new and useful things and get invaluable and easy to apply advice. Scroll down for your trusted source of window cover information.

Which are the most suitable blinds for sliding patio doors?

The vertical blinds are the preferred option for most homeowners because they can be operated in practically the same way as the door. Our Lake Forest Blinds & Shades experts say that they also give you perfect light control.

How do I measure the windows for fitting blinds or shades?

You should measure the area that you want the treatment to cover. This area depends on the design of your windows and on your preferences. In many cases, you can have the window treatment set within the frame.

Which rooms of the house are Roman shades best suited for?

Given their unique aesthetic appeal, they are great for practically any room. Most people install them in their living rooms and dining rooms to enhance the decor. They can be perfect for master bedrooms as well.

What kinds of blinds are suitable for smaller rooms?

You should definitely pick ones with wider horizontal slats as they make the windows appear bigger. You should also consider lighter colors as they also create the optical illusion that the space is larger. Keep in mind that your options aren’t limited to white.

Is it possible to cover a bigger window with several sets of smaller blinds?

Practically, it is possible. You just have to decide if this will be aesthetically appealing and if it’ll still be easy to operate the window treatments.

Should I combine window shades with curtains?

It all depends on your preferences. You should know that you can purchase shades which let in the maximum amount of light when opened and block it completely when closed.